“…the diversity of artists, mediums, and practices is to be applauded. Taking their cues from Reece’s mandate, Wake Forest’s students have assembled an impressive gathering of art.”

John Yau, Hyperallergic

Spectrum Local News

“We are really making sure that we’re focused on buying artworks from people that are queer, BIPOC, female, identifying nonbinary and Indigenous artists, that people that are less represented in our previously existing collection, because that’s really important for our students here on campus to feel seen, heard, known within the artworks and artist biographies that we’re having here,”

Georgia-Kathryn Duncan, Class of 2025

Old Gold & Black 

We’re not looking for the big names because they’re gonna be harder for us to purchase and acquire but also because we want to bring more representation to all the different kinds of works that’s being made.

Roksanna Keyvan, Class of 2026

Wake Forest News

“I believe that the art collections accessibility programming for this event will lead to further partnerships that help make Wake Forest art, museums and exhibit spaces as accessible and welcoming as possible for our broad and diverse community,”

Eudora Struble, Director of Technology Accessibility